$11 minimum wage not enough. Workers still earning below the poverty line!

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today that the minimum wage will increase to $11.00 on June 1st, and legislation will be introduced to increase the Don't legislate a poverty wageminimum wage with the cost of living each year. The minimum wage rate for students will rise to $10.30 and for servers to $9.55 on June 1.

While these measures are important steps forward, we have a lot further to go. As WAC member Amelia White, a minimum-wage earner who has been a leader in the fight for $14, said yesterday:  “Any increase is a good thing for workers…but the raise doesn’t go far enough. It still leaves people in poverty. And that’s why I’m working — to get out of poverty.”

WAC will continue to fight for a fair wage for Ontario workers. Join the Raise the Minimum Wage Campaign and have your voice heard.