Thank you for celebrating strong leaders in our movement!

Marjorie, an organizer in the Feet on the Ground Leadership Training Program, does outreach and workers' rights education in different Kitchener-Waterloo communities. Courage and dedication are part of her makeup, empowering her to write and speak in the media about problems facing working families. Support workers' rights, make a donation today.

On Saturday, November 4, the annual Workers’ Bowl fundraiser went off without a hitch. It was a wonderful event filled with many wonderful friends and allies in our movement for decent work. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of leadership education, training programs and … [Read more...]

Celebrate workers who speak up for change

Celebrating Leaders in Our Movement. Workers' Action Centre member David does outreach in the Tamil community in Scarborough, and uses media platforms to spread workers' rights info far and wide.... Support workers' rights, make a donation today.

Committee hearings on Bill 148, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, are taking place this week. Today is the last chance for workers to have our say about Bill 148. We are pushing to make sure Bill 148 is as strong as it can be! While the Workers’ Action Centre and our allies … [Read more...]

Celebrate leaders defending workers’ rights

Celebrating leaders in our movement. Winnie and Julie are Workers' Action Centre members sharing workers' rights information with the Chinese community in the GTA. Support workers' rights, make a donation today.

The 6th annual fundraiser of the Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre (OEERC), in partnership with the Workers’ Action Centre, is only ten days away! Funds raised through the Workers’ Bowl will help WAC provide workers’ rights workshops in different languages across … [Read more...]

Join us in celebrating the brave workers in our movement

Angel Reyes spoke up for his rights. Support workers' rights, make a donation today.

The Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre (OEERC), in partnership with the Workers’ Action Centre, will host its 6th annual fundraiser on Saturday, November 4. With the money raised through the Workers’ Bowl, WAC is able to provide workers’ rights workshops in … [Read more...]

Premier Wynne: It is time to ensure fairness!

October 1 marked the 4th year that the Ontario minimum wage has been indexed to inflation. The minimum wage increased by 20¢, going from $11.40 to $11.60 an hour. The Workers’ Action Centre and our allies won this annual indexation in June 2014, along with a 75¢ increase in the … [Read more...]

Workers still stuck in Temp Nation

Workers' Action Centre banner at rally; Undercover at Fiera Foods; Proud to Support $15 & Fairness banner

A recent Toronto Star exposé about the ordeals of temp workers gained a lot of attention in the media this month. Reporter Sara Mojtehedzadeh went undercover at Fiera Foods, a commercial bakery in Toronto that hires exclusively through a temporary agency. Three temp workers have … [Read more...]

Restaurant workers stand up for fairness

Gallery image of tip jar, know your rights booklet, and signs in support of decent work.

Workers have been fed up with unfair and unsafe working conditions for decades. Now, with the hope of labour law reforms and minimum wage increases proposed in Bill 148, many in our communities are breathing sighs of relief. However, organizers at the Workers' Action Centre and … [Read more...]

What’s at stake with Ontario’s labour laws

Our decent work movement is going strong as the Government Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs began a review of Bill 148: the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act today. Just yesterday, we read the Toronto Star's editorial in support of a $15 minimum wage, which reflects the … [Read more...]

Let’s defend and strengthen Bill 148 – Submission deadline

Workers Action Centre

After years of organizing, and most recently through the $15 & Fairness Campaign, we’ve succeeded in bringing important labour law changes to the table. Titled Bill 148 - Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, this proposed legislation aims to raise the minimum wage to $15, ensure … [Read more...]

Victory — a $15 minimum wage and more!

We believed that we would win, and now we are seeing workplace standards rising! The Ontario government just announced its plan to raise the minimum wage to $14 on January 1, 2018 and then to $15 on January 1, 2019. This overdue increase, along with some improvements to our … [Read more...]