Workers still stuck in Temp Nation

Workers' Action Centre banner at rally; Undercover at Fiera Foods; Proud to Support $15 & Fairness banner

A recent Toronto Star exposé about the ordeals of temp workers gained a lot of attention in the media this month. Reporter Sara Mojtehedzadeh went undercover at Fiera Foods, a commercial bakery in Toronto that hires exclusively through a temporary agency. Three temp workers have … [Read more...]

Restaurant workers stand up for fairness

Gallery image of tip jar, know your rights booklet, and signs in support of decent work.

Workers have been fed up with unfair and unsafe working conditions for decades. Now, with the hope of labour law reforms and minimum wage increases proposed in Bill 148, many in our communities are breathing sighs of relief. However, organizers at the Workers' Action Centre and … [Read more...]

What’s at stake with Ontario’s labour laws

Video on Bill 148

Our decent work movement is going strong as the Government Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs began a review of Bill 148: the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act today. Just yesterday, we read the Toronto Star's editorial in support of a $15 minimum wage, which reflects the … [Read more...]

Let’s defend and strengthen Bill 148 – Submission deadline

Workers Action Centre

After years of organizing, and most recently through the $15 & Fairness Campaign, we’ve succeeded in bringing important labour law changes to the table. Titled Bill 148 - Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, this proposed legislation aims to raise the minimum wage to $15, ensure … [Read more...]

Victory — a $15 minimum wage and more!

Ontario Premiere Announces $15 Minimum Wage

We believed that we would win, and now we are seeing workplace standards rising! The Ontario government just announced its plan to raise the minimum wage to $14 on January 1, 2018 and then to $15 on January 1, 2019. This overdue increase, along with some improvements to our … [Read more...]

Will the Government take action on $15 and Fairness?

WAC Members' Messages to MPPs_Erendira

Liberal cabinet members met this week to discuss whether some critical $15 and Fairness demands will be turned into law. It was a discussion that would never have taken place without the many years of organizing done by the Workers’ Action Centre and our many allies. For WAC … [Read more...]

70% of voters in Toronto support a $15 minimum wage

Fight for $15 & Fairness

A new Forum Research Poll that made headlines last week showed that 70% of voters in Toronto support a $15 minimum wage. These numbers are in line with another Poll released last year showing that two-thirds of Canadians wanted to see a $15 minimum wage. So far, the Federal New … [Read more...]

Repeat violators of labour law caught yet again

Workers Action Centre

What is the cost of violating our basic labour laws for Ontario businesses? Well, the Inspection Blitz Report released today by the Ministry of Labour shows that the cost is pretty insignificant - of 77 repeat offenders, only 27 employers were given a ticket (starting at $250) … [Read more...]

Share the $15 & Fairness Faith Statement


2016 has been full of effective organizing in communities across Ontario. The many groups that make up $15 and Fairness have only gotten stronger in the fight for decent work. Health providers, migrant workers, students, unions and more continue to speak up for a $15 minimum … [Read more...]

Wishing for $15 & Fairness this holiday season


During the holidays, we all want to kick back and relax. Unfortunately, for workers like WAC member Gabriel, instead of resting with his family, he is having to fight against wage theft. Constantly having to call and visit his employer to get the wages he is owed has become … [Read more...]