Resources for Community Groups

Educational Materials for Your Community

WAC has educational booklets and factsheets on many workplace topics –  all in print-ready PDF format.

Visit our Know Your Rights page for a complete listing and to download.

WAC is committed to sharing our resources with workers and organizations across Ontario. Please feel free to make free copies for distribution in your neighbourhood. If you wish to use excerpts from our resources, please credit WAC as the source.

Workshops on Workers’ Rights

“Knowing your rights at work is an important step to protecting your rights.” WAC staff can present a workshop to members of your community on their rights at work. Please contact us.

Workers’ Rights Info Line

Call our Workers’ Rights Info Line to get information from one of staff to help you support a member of your community who is experiencing a violation of their rights at work.

Work Problems? Important Numbers to Know

Workers' Rights Phone List Our quick reference Phone Referral List to help you find information and support for members in your community. Topics: Employment Standards, Employment Insurance, Health and Safety, Legal Aid, Specialty Legal Clinics, Employment Standards, Human Rights, Workplace Harassment, Disability Support, Taxes and Finance, and Legal Education.