Issues Facing Workers

Precarious Work

precarious workThe way work is organized has changed drastically over the last 30 years. Today, one in three jobs in Ontario is temporary, contract, part time or self employed. Outdated labour laws trap people in poverty and deny fair standards to all workers. Our labour laws must be expanded to protect people who work in temporary, contract and unstable work. Read more


enforcementWith no real risk of being caught breaking the law and no real cost to violating employment standards, it is no surprise that violations are so widespread. The government must ensure all employers follow the law in all workplaces. Read More

Minimum Wage

minimum wagePoverty is on the rise and low wages are a big reason why. The minimum wage still leaves workers below the poverty line. No one should work full time and yet still live in poverty. The minimum wage must be increased to 10% above the poverty line and increase annually with the cost of living. Read More

Employment Insurance

employment insuranceMany rely on the Employment Insurance program (EI) to survive during these hard economic times. But over the years the Federal government has weakened the EI program and made it harder to access – and when on EI, workers struggle to survive on low benefit rates. We need to urge our government to fix the EI program now. Read More

Migrant Workers

live in caregivers and temporary foreign workersThe number of temporary foreign workers in Ontario has increased by 55 percent in the past five years. Many temporary foreign workers are forced to put up with violations of their rights because they are in Canada on work permits that tie them to one employer, and don’t provide protection if they are sent back home for complaining about working conditions. Migrant Workers need permanent status and real protections now. Read More