Former temp agency worker files lawsuit after being fired for speaking out

Yesterday, long-time WAC member Angel Reyes filed a lawsuit in small claims court against Canada Fibres Ltd. and United Staffing Services for wrongful dismissal. Angel worked for almost 5 years sorting garbage at Canada Fibres Ltd., Toronto’s largest recycling plant, through a … [Read more...]

Worker wins her stolen wages after 1 year & 5 months

Martha Jaramillo is a member of the Workers’ Action Centre. She came to us in the spring of 2014 when her wages went unpaid and she was fired. WAC helped Martha file a claim with the Ministry of Labour and, in October 2014, the Ministry issued an order to pay instructing her boss … [Read more...]

Public consultations announced for labour law Review

Workers Action Centre

The Ontario government has announced the dates and locations of the first public consultations being undertaken for its review of labour laws, the Changing Workplaces Review (CWR). The dates and locations are as follows:   To register to make a presentation at … [Read more...]

Toronto Star series on precarious work: every Monday in May

Workers Action Centre

As the government embarks on a review of the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act in Ontario, the Toronto Star is doing a four-part series on some of the key issues facing workers in precarious and low-wage jobs in the province. The series features interviews with … [Read more...]

WAC Members Speak Out, Win Improvements to Employment Laws

Thanks to years of hard work by WAC members and their allies, Bill 18 has been adopted by the Ontario Legislative Assembly. The bill introduces changes that will help curb wage theft, better protect temp agency workers and peg the minimum wage to annual increases in the … [Read more...]

Bill 18: Workers Win Historic Improvements in Employment Standards

Workers Action Centre

After years of organizing, members of the Workers’ Action Centre breathed a sigh of relief on November 6, 2014 as Members of Provincial Parliament gave final approval to legislation that will help curb wage theft, better protect temp agency workers, and peg the minimum wage to … [Read more...]

Doctors’ Orders: $14 for a healthy Ontario

On January 14th, WAC joined with the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage to call for a $14 minimum wage for a healthy Ontario. This month, health providers hosted a press conference at Queen's Park and urged the government to improve health and well being in Ontario by raising … [Read more...]

Unpaid wages finally paid

Alaa speaks out... I was searching for work, and saw an advertisement for a kitchen position at a restaurant.  I called the owner and he told me to come to the place.  When I went in, he asked me to work right away.  I started work the next day at 5pm in the evening, and I … [Read more...]

Working hard, fighting for unpaid wages

Gilma speaks out... In 2012, I worked for a temp agency as a supply Early Childhood Educator for a few months.  I had to go to a temp agency even though the work is infrequent and its low-paid because in that moment I didn’t have any other options. I earned the minimum wage … [Read more...]

Premier Kathleen Wynne responds to study on precarious work

Workers Action Centre

Premier Kathleen Wynne responded to a new study on precarious work, It's More than Poverty, and committed to working together to find solutions.  At a forum launching the report, Wynne told audiences: “if we want our industries and our economy to be doing well, we need people to … [Read more...]