Share the $15 & Fairness Faith Statement

2016 has been full of effective organizing in communities across Ontario. The many groups that make up $15 and Fairness have only gotten stronger in the fight for decent work. Health providers, migrant workers, students, unions and more continue to speak up for a $15 minimum … [Read more...]

Changing Workplaces Review Interim Report released – Join us in our fight for real change!

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" .....decency at work is a fundamental and principled commitment that Ontario should accept as a basis for enacting all its laws governing the workplace." Strong words of introduction as the Special Advisors released their Interim Report on Wednesday, July 27. 2016. The Ontario … [Read more...]

Worker wins her stolen wages after 1 year & 5 months

Martha Jaramillo is a member of the Workers’ Action Centre. She came to us in the spring of 2014 when her wages went unpaid and she was fired. WAC helped Martha file a claim with the Ministry of Labour and, in October 2014, the Ministry issued an order to pay instructing her boss … [Read more...]

‘Ontario employers get slap on wrist for mistreating employees’: 4th article in Toronto Star series on precarious work

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The current enforcement model of employment standards in Ontario does little to deter violations of the law: the system is understaffed, depends on workers who have experienced violations to confront their bosses, and rarely imposes penalties on employers beyond what they already … [Read more...]

‘Ontario allowing employers to fire workers without cause’: 3rd article in Toronto Star series on precarious work

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The Employment Standards Act is supposed to set the minimum floor of standards for workers in non-unionized jobs. But a dizzying array of exemptions, loopholes, and gaps in the law have eroded that floor of rights and protections, and too many workers are falling through the … [Read more...]

Public consultations announced for labour law Review

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The Ontario government has announced the dates and locations of the first public consultations being undertaken for its review of labour laws, the Changing Workplaces Review (CWR). The dates and locations are as follows:   To register to make a presentation at … [Read more...]

Toronto Star series on precarious work: every Monday in May

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As the government embarks on a review of the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act in Ontario, the Toronto Star is doing a four-part series on some of the key issues facing workers in precarious and low-wage jobs in the province. The series features interviews with … [Read more...]

Executive Summary now available: Still Working on the Edge

An executive summary is now available for the groundbreaking report released by the Workers' Action Centre on March 31, Still Working on the Edge: Rebuilding Decent Jobs from the Ground Up. Download and share widely! The Ontario government has launched a review of the … [Read more...]

“$15 and Fairness” campaign launched

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WAC joined allies from across Canada and North America to launch the “Fight for $15 and Fairness” campaign. Toronto-area workers rallied for decent work with actions at the Ministry of Labour offices on University Avenue, at Pearson International Airport and at McDonald’s Canada … [Read more...]

Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014: How the laws have changed

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Following years of hard work and organizing by Workers' Action Centre members and their allies, Bill 18, the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, became law on November 20, 2014. The Act makes several important changes to the laws governing working conditions for … [Read more...]