Stop the $6 million cut to Employment Standards enforcement

If I had a million dollars

When WAC members learned that the provincial government was planning to cut $6 million from Employment Standards enforcement in 2012, we took to the streets immediately and started mobilizing to stop the cut. WAC members speak out in our “Stop the $ million cut” video - part of … [Read more...]

Wage Theft Video 4 – Outdated Laws, No Enforcement are failing Ontario’s Workers

Wage Theft Video 4

Lilliane and Vivian worked endless hours for two separate families taking care of young children and disabled seniors. As live-in caregivers, they gave their care and love and a majority of their lives to people who became like family members to them over the years. Both were … [Read more...]

Wage Theft Video 3 – Unpaid wages, repeat violations

Wage Theft Video 3

Follow a group of painters as they track down a well-know repeat violator who has a history of hiring workers and not paying them. Inside the luxury condo buildings of downtown Toronto, workers all along the subcontracting chain struggle with unpaid wages and numerous violations … [Read more...]

Wage Theft Video 2 – No protection on the job

Wage Theft Video 2

Mohammed and Lillia share their personal stories of wage theft and the fight to get their unpaid wages. As a student Mohammed relied on his summer job to cover his student loans and the costs of going to university. Instead, the reality of the job was bounced cheques and no … [Read more...]

Wage Theft Video 1 – Looking for work: job scams & ESA violations

Wage Theft Video 1

Join a group of WAC members as they sit around the kitchen table calling job ads from the newspaper. Listen in as employers repeatedly make illegal offers of work demonstrating just how confident they are at breaking the law. Without strong penalties or prosecution for bosses who … [Read more...]

Say NO to Bill 68

How would you feel if your wallet was stolen and the police told you to ask the thief for it back before they would help you? This is the question asked by members of WAC who launched a campaign in 2010 to stop Bill 68 from passing. The bill proposed changing the regulations of … [Read more...]